We have three delightful announcements from the cafe!

➀Happy hour set menu starts
If you order food (including sweets) and drinks together from 13:00 to 18:00, you will receive a 50 yen discount!
(Please note that it will not apply during 8: 00-13: 00.)


➁ Sweets by “Sousou-toshite” renewal
Instead of Matcha cookies, “Almond Biscotti” will be added to the currently popular sweets by “Sousou-toshite” !
It is great if it’s soaked in coffee, and the combination with cold brew is awesome.
Why don’t you try them together!


➂Two summer drinks appeared
Summer limited drinks will join in our menu from June 1 to July 15!
Green Apple Mojito, Blue Cura Sort Nick.
Both of them are good for refreshing summer!


We are opening windows on sunny days and waiting for you.
It’s becoming hotter and hotter, so let’s have a cold drink and refresh with LE9!